Amending The Constitution: A referendum!

What is A Referendum And How is it Just And Fair?

  • What is a Referendum?
  • What is the process of a referendum?
  • When and Why is a referendum held?
  • Who Decides if we have a Referendum and how do we know?
  • Who Votes at a Referendum?
  • What is a Referendum?

    A referendum is a direct vote or poll where voters are asked to answer a question yes or no. They are sometimes known as a plebiscite. Referendums are always held when the government wants to change the Constitution. Voting in referendums is compulsory for enrolled voters. In referendums, voters are required to write either 'yes' or 'no' on the ballot paper in response to each question listed. They may or may not result in the adoption of a new law.

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    You vote yes or no

    What is the process of a referendum?

    First a bill is passed by the two houses then a majority of the Members of the House of Representatives and Senators who voted for the proposal and a majority of those who voted against it are divided into the 'Yes committee' and the 'No committee' for the referendum. After this the Governor General issues a writ for the election. Finally information is presented to the voters and voting occurs

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    The different situations that can happen in a Referendum.

    When and Why is a referendum held?

    A referendum is held when the government wants a direct answer to a question from the people. A referendum has to be held when the government is changing the constitution. A referendum must be held no sooner than two and no later than six months after the proposal is passed by Parliament

    The people decide if a referendum will hold because it is the people that vote for if the constitution should change.We know if a referendum has held because we get notified that there has been a change to the constitution and there is lots of advertising new laws at places like on busses and on trains.

    Who Votes at a Referendum?

    Every one who is on the electoral roll must Put a vote in The referendum saying yes the referendum should hold or no the referendum should not hold. the reason it is just and fair is because or a referendum to hold there must be a majority of people and a majority of states. Only 8 out of the 44 referendums have held because for a referendum to hold it has to not interfere with any other law passed in the past. with the yes or no voters is a good way to get a quick answer some the referendums include equal rights for aboriginals and getting the aboriginal flag to be an equal.

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    You place your vote in the ballot boxes